A Swiss company launches the worldwide platform for lawyers, the new venture debuts in Brazil

I love working for start up companies because I use all I have studied: Media, Marketing, Business, PR and Law and I love when I find young entrepreneurs full of energy and ideias forecasting business opportunities in Brazil. The responsibility is big because the client came indicated by one of the country largest companies'Director. The innovation is that Tech Vanguard Sarl launches roundlaw, a different worldwide directory of lawyers covering 70 countries. Brazil will be the first to join the platform, where only five lawyers per legal specialty for each city will be selected for admission to the directory with strict and objective qualifying criteria. The concept behind roundlaw originated when a 24 years old digital entrepreneur Elizaveta Uvarova was looking for a corporate lawyer in order to get legal advice and was unable to do so given exiting directory tools. “There are over 240,000 lawyers in São Paulo alone, and it was even harder because every one of them was telling me they were the best in the city,” Uvarova jokes. “How was I supposed to choose?” The concept of carefully selecting a few from a wide collection of possibilities has been applied to online marketplaces to such great success that it has now redefined the way consumers interact not only with technology but with the products or services they are seeking. Uvarova applied this concept to lawyer services selection to solve her problem and the result was Roundlaw. Roundlaw is the world’s first and most exclusive directory of verified lawyers. Roundlaw introduces a new concept in directory services. Unlike other directories that list countless entries under multiples of legal categories, Roundlaw will list a maximum number of 5 Lawyers per legal specialty per city based on the objective criteria. Uvarova has set the maximum number of entries under each legal proficiency in each city to 5, as she insists, this is enough to chose from, if the entrants are pre verified. To be included in the directory lawyers need to submit an application form to roundlaw that will need to include details of their proficiency (such as for example documentary evidence of degrees, certifications, or publications that the applicant has authored). The application will be reviewed and verified by a team of lawyers who will check details and verify proficiency claims. Only after passing through this selection process and provided they are one of the first five to submit an application that adheres to the standards set out by roundlaw, will entries be included in the directory. Roundlaw began accepting submissions for entry to the Brazil directory on the 19th April. Lawyers are encouraged to visit the site, download and prepare the form and be ready to mark their territory by submitting their application form. There is a real race in the application process, as once verified, all things being equal, applicants who submitted first will be selected over others. Roundlaw is startup created by Tech Vanguard in partnership with a team of Swiss lawyers in order to provide the most simple and innovative way of searching for legal services. Roundlaw is a concept directory and no other like it exists in the world. It provides users a verified curated selection of lawyers worldwide. It is extremely exclusive considering that for example, it provides a listed divorce lawyer in San Paolo the privileged opportunity to be one of just 5 listed divorce lawyers in that city. “Mark your territory as soon as the hour strikes in Brazil!” an advice from the Founder.

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